Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning with Ryan Adams

With summer only a week away, Ryan Adams is doing some spring cleaning. The singer-songwriter (and FP hero) announced he's finished work on The Cardinals III/IV, an unreleased double album from 2006, and the Blackhole LP, recorded in 2005 and recently dubbed "Love is Hell Part 3" by Adams on his facebook page.

Adams has been quiet since he quit the Cardinals in early 2009 and married Mandy Moore months later.  As a Greek friend used to say: Life is Choices. Sure, he was publishing poetry books, writing video game reviews (sigh), and experimenting with heavy metal.  But for a guy who recorded a dozen albums  before the age of 35, all that amounts to early retirement. And when we bumped into Adams on Allen Street, we were too dumbstruck to say hi, much less press for details of his life, musical or otherwise.

No word on when these records will drop or how they compare to previous Adams recordings. For now, if you've never heard Heartbreaker, there's still time to redeem yourself before the record's 10th anniversary in September. Seriously.


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