Friday, June 11, 2010

Indiephemera Friday, vol. 9: Since They Left Us

As we come to the end of Throwback Week on Frontier Psychiatrist, we realize that the choice of this particular week was more prescient than we could have imagined (note: preceding modesty false).  First came the news Wednesday morning that mysterious electronic outfit and blog namesake The Avalanches were in the process of recording their first record since 2000 classic Since I Left You, a record that changed the way samples were used in pop music like none since Paul's Boutique.  There is little information available on the new record, but apparently it will feature vocals from Animal Collective protegé Ariel Pink, whose fascinating new record was released this week.

Then, Wednesday evening, shortly after FP named The Strokes' classic debut #1 on its list of the decade's best throwback albums, a band named Venison with a logo striking in its similarity to that of The Strokes played a small gig in London.  Turned out (surprise!) it was The Strokes.  The show was the band's first in four years; the set featured 18 songs but no new material.  Some grainy video below:

The Strokes (aka Venison) - Last Night

Frontier Psychiatrist or Frontier Psychic?  You be the judge.  More news from the week:

*In case you hadn't heard, Bonarroo is taking place this week.  Sadly, we couldn't make the trip down to Nashville.  What can we say?  We have jobs.  Luckily, the good people at NPR Music (who have much better jobs) did make the trip, and they will be bringing the listener live broadcasts of over 40 bands, many of which will be available later on an on-demand basis (A performance by The xx is available now).  The broadcasts are quite varied and include such bands as indie superstars LCD Soundsystem, punk upstarts Japandroids, blog-rap sensations Wale and Kid Cudi, and newgrass hipster The Punch Brothers.

*Speaking of Japandroids, they deserve a special mention during Throwback Week.  With their youthful élan, iconic cover art, and classic punk approach they hearken back to the incipient stages of indie music (chronicled so well in Michael Azzerad's classic Our Band Could Be Your Life).   Their debut full-length Post-Nothing was among the best of the decade's penultimate year, and in 2010 they resurrected another early-indie trademark: the singles series.  Each single (there are five-planned) consists of a new A-side and a cover of a punk/hardcore favorite (Black Flag, X) on the B-side.  The second of the series, "Younger Us," was released this week:

Japandroids - Younger Us

*New Single from the Adult Swim Singles Series by the previously profiled Washed Out:
Washed Out feat. Carolin Polachek - You and I

*The new Tokyo Police Club...not bad:
Tokyo Poice Club - Breakneck Speed

*The new video from Neon Indian...pretty weird (click to play):

*And, finally, hot off the presses, a spectacular remix of the controversial M.I.A.'s new song XXXO featuring the one and only Hova:

M.I.A. = XXXO (Jay-Z Remix)

Now get out to Hillstock 2010 and enjoy the weekend!

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