Thursday, June 10, 2010

Frontier Summer: Hillstock 2010

[This is part three of our four-part miniseries in which we preview summer music events]

If a hot red-headed android were to crash land on our planet in the year 2010, she would undoubtedly come to the conclusion that all bands are from Brooklyn. With musicians from across Kings County going National, one might assume that no one was left to perform in New York's most populous borough.

Well, to quote Charlotte Gainsbourg, "Au contraire" (we're sure she's said that).  The heart and soul of Brooklyn resides in its hundreds of not-yet-discovered local bands, all of who desire nothing more than to rock your socks off. Luckily, from June 10-12 (this weekend!), they'll have the chance to do just that, as your friends at Never Break Down bring you the second annual Hillstock Festival.

Last year, the festival featured 40 bands performing over three days in/on various Clinton Hill backyards and Crown Heights rooftops.  This year promises to be bigger and better, with more bands and a Friday-night kick-off at the only Shea Stadium left in New York (where, unlike its namesake, events are worth the price of admission).

Throughout the festival, bands play in thirty-minute intervals, so you won't need your Concerta.  Tickets will run you a mere $7 for a single-day pass and a paltry $15 for the full three.  Acts range greatly in style: from the soulful pop of the previously profiled Ava Luna to the straight-up punk of Rebels Eat Apples, from the Suicide-inspired robo-funk of SAADI to the Spazzy McGee-ity of Eskalators.  Such a cornucopia might overwhelm the average consumer, but fear not!  The festival has provided a free-for-download mixtape (top right, along with full schedule) on its website to help you make your decisions.   Below, we have included some of our favorites:

Ava Luna - Clips

SAADI - Bad City

Eskalators - Dessert First

Rebels Eat Apples - No One Wants to Party with a Metronome

So, this weekend, drink, dance and be merry at Hillstock.  And, at the door, be sure to tell them your (frontier) psychiatrist sent you.

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