Monday, May 31, 2010

We are Knuckle-Biting and Sort of Have to Pee

Short and sweet post today, friends: it’s Memorial Day, and it’s time you get your good-lookin self outside because it’s gorgeous (well it’s supposed to be. At the moment of writing this it’s actually 11pm on Sunday and we at FP are all sitting around in our nighties and watching our mood rings change color). Regardless of the weather, we hope you get to go outside today and eat good food and drink beers or just plain revel in the beginnings of sweet summer days.

But make sure you clean up by 7.00 pm.

Because then.


Then, head to The Local 269, if there are tickets left, oh God let there please be tickets left so we can go too, to see the amazing the wonderful the legendary Charles Gayle (thanks, ct, for the introduction to him, back in the days of weekly Vandermark 5 shows at the Empty Bottle) leading a band of musicians to play one of John Coltrane's final albums, Interstellar Space.

Oh, to write it again: Gayle playing Coltrane.

Here’s the skinny on Gayle:
1. He once lived on the streets of New York, which is where he started playing.
2. Is a free-jazz saxophonist/clarinetist/pianist.
3. Is a hard-core spiritual dude.
4. Whatever the man has in him, he channels it out his motherloving, yawping, crying, squeak-filled holy saxophone.

Now, it is free jazz, which is like poetry or performance art in that there’s lots of layer-upon-layer shit we don’t always really understand, and sometimes someone may talk about it all deep and weird and then we feel stupid because we think we're missing the point.

But we are never missing the point. We will never miss the point if we go and give it a listen. That is freaking the point man.

Oh God. That sounded just like former-fellow-bartender Steve, who looked like Sal Paradise meets Ned Flanders' dad. He talked like that too, and would smoke after our shift was over and then bliss out on Sun Ra and Thai food. Steve if you’re still around, look us up on Facebook will you? And thanks, by the way, for trading all the Gayle, Ayler, Vandermark and more. Our Gestalting brains thank you.

Now please, go have fun, have a wonderful day, and we hope to see you at the show.


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