Friday, April 16, 2010

Indiephemera Friday, vol. 1

A few things of which to be aware this weekend.

*The new LCD Soundsystem record, This Is Happening, is now available in live-streaming form on the band's website.  It would appear that my earlier skepticism may have been misplaced.  Although the lead single "Drunk Girls" still leaves me cold.

*Anthemic Brooklyn band The Antlers, whose debut record Hospice, which was as full of candy canes and gumdrops as you might expect, have made available a new video for their song "Sylvia" along with a feww two-song EP known as the New York Hospitals EP.  The Antlers are an excellent if not awe-inspiring band, and I feel compelled to share their music largely based on their frequent references to former FP sleepaway-camps New York Hospital and MSKCC.

The Antlers - Sylvia

*Speaking of gumdrops (this time without irony), the Baltimore duo Beach House will, along with many bands, will be releasing an exclusive 12" on 4/18/10, aka "Record Store Day."  A live radio performance of the song "The Arrangement," featured on the release, can be found for your listening pleasure below:

*And finally, as referenced above, April 17 2010 is Record Store Day across the nation.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a "record store" is a place in which music that has been embedded onto large discs such as "records" or "CDs" can be purchased and subsequently played provided the right equipment is available.   (Seriously though, buy records).  Over 800 independent store nationwide will be participating, and a plethora of exclusive releases will be made available, including ones by dead people like Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon.  If you're out on Saturday and there is a record store nearby (which there should be if you live in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Charlottesville, Chapel Hill, Atlanta, Nashville, Louisville, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Austin, get the point), make sure that you stop by and see what's available.  If you're in New York, FP recommends either Sound Fix or the venerable Other Music.

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